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Early Voting 101

You may have seen pictures of long lines and crowded polling places on election day — and it’s true! Millions will vote in person on election day, and because of racism and voter suppression, polling places in communities of color and low-income neighborhoods are often under-staffed and under-resourced. Add a pandemic to that, and we’re looking at potentially very long lines on election day.

That’s where early voting comes in. It’s a GREAT way to skip election day lines and get your vote in the bank safely before election day.

Early voting is exactly what it sounds like–it’s specified dates before election day that registered voters can vote during. Early voting gives you more options on days and times to vote, so you can vote around your schedule instead of changing your schedule on election day. Not only that, but there are a lot of benefits to in-person early voting.

  • Early voting allows for language assistance. If you or a family member need a non-English ballot, then voting by mail may be challenging. Early voting will help you receive the language assistance you are entitled to to vote.
  • Early voting allows for disability accommodations. If you or a family member need voting assistance due to disabilities like visual impairments, early voting is a great option.
  • If you have unreliable mail service, early voting is a great option. Not all communities have access to speedy or reliable mail service, making mail ballots a risky choice in some places. If you are worried your ballot won’t arrive or be received in time to be counted, then early voting is a great and safe option.
  • Even if you just like to go in person and get your “I voted” sticker, early voting lets you do all of these things without contributing to crowding on election day.
  • We know life happens and that involves the unexpected. If you get busy with work or if your kid gets sick on election day, early voting guarantees your vote is cast! .

    Make sure to wear a mask, keep six feet apart, and wash your hands to have a safe voting experience!