A Multicultural America Ushers in Joseph R. Biden, Jr. As 46th President of the United States - Voto Latino Foundation

A Multicultural America Ushers in Joseph R. Biden, Jr. As 46th President of the United States

Washington, DC – Today, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris became the 49th Vice-President, the first woman and person of color to serve in the office. Voto Latino is optimistic that the new administration will be able to heal the wounds and tensions that have been created over the last four years and move us forward on a united, progressive path. 

“Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris,” said María Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino. “There are numerous issues in our country that must be addressed immediately. The level of leadership and experience in this administration is enough to return the United States to its past standing and beyond. That is why Voto Latino chose to endorse Joe Biden, the first time we had ever done so. There is work to be done and Voto Latino is prepared to counsel and assist in repairing this nation and creating a more perfect democracy.”

Voto Latino was a crucial part of the Biden victory, registering 601,300 voters for the 2020 general election – a $34.2 million dollar effort – with most of those in the key battleground states of Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida, and mobilized 3.7 million low propensity voters to the polls. This cycle, Voto Latino’s work helped flip Arizona and Georgia, defended Nevada and Wisconsin, sent four new Senators to Washington, and turned Texas and North Carolina purple, demonstrating the overwhelming contribution Latinx voters made to deliver the White House. The organization also engaged with the Biden campaign on the concerns of the Latinx community, resulting in an extensive agenda to address Latinx issues over the next four years. Voto Latino plans to both assist in ensuring the success of the policies that will help our community and hold the administration accountable as we continue to build long term Latinx political power across the country.


Voto Latino is a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters, as well as creating a more robust and inclusive democracy. Through innovative digital campaigns, culturally relevant programs and authentic voices, we shepherd the Latinx community towards the full realization of its political power.