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Voto Latino Celebrates American Families Plan

New plan would earmark $1.8 trillion for ‘human infrastructure’ including education, childcare, healthcare, family and medical leave and more. Voting Works.

Washington, DC – Voto Latino today enthusiastically endorsed the Biden Administration’s new American Families Plan, which will strengthen the nation by investing in both the immediate needs and future dreams of her millions of hardworking families.

“This investment recognizes that America is the most powerful nation not because of our military might but because of our human infrastructure – the inner strength and grit of 331 million diverse individuals working together,” said Voto Latino co-founding president and CEO María Teresa Kumar. “Today, our country can drive the first nail in rebuilding an American middle class that had virtually collapsed in the past 50 years, leaving opportunity out of reach for so many for so long – especially Latinos, Black and Indigenous families. Today we are witness to our votes translating into meaningful results to rebuild and heal America. Gone are the theatrics of the former administration and in its place substantive policy directives that speak to our values of equity and justice. Voting works.

“We trust that Congress will quickly agree that more affordable education, providing direct support to children and families and extending tax cuts for families with children and American workers, rather than corporations, is a smart investment that will pay off for generations.”


Voto Latino is a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters, as well as creating a more robust and inclusive democracy. Through innovative digital campaigns, culturally relevant programs and authentic voices, we shepherd the Latinx community towards the full realization of its political power.