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Voto Latino Joins Building Back Together to Ensure Latino Concerns at Top of National Agenda

Washington, DC – Voto Latino today announced its founding membership in the Building Back Together coalition, a new communications initiative designed to lift up the rapidly-growing Latino community and make clear how they will be impacted by the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better agenda.

“Latinos win elections, yet our community’s concerns have been so assumed, for so long, that we only learn about life-changing policies when they’re announced,” said María Teresa Kumar, co-founding president and CEO of Voto Latino. “The Building Back Together coalition will help us emphasize our community’s priorities and help shape positive, transformative policy.”

Designed to create tailwind for the Biden Administration’s jobs, infrastructure and social investment plans and how these policies will directly impact the Latino community, Building Back Together is an “always-on” communications campaign amplifying Latino Americans’ stories, voices and concerns to ensure they are heard by elected officials in Washington and in states with growing Latino populations.

“In 2020, Latinos overperformed at the polls despite a pandemic,” Kumar added. “Build Back Better’s policies are already demonstrating that those votes mattered, that voting works.”

“Listening to and communicating with Latinos across the country is an integral part of our agenda at Building Back Together,” said Danielle Melfi, Building Back Together Executive Director. “Our goal is to tell the stories of Latinos who have benefitted from the American Rescue Plan and how President Biden’s policies will continue to prioritize the Latino community. That is why we are launching a constant, on-going outreach strategy focused on the Latino community, with local and national Latino partners. We are building our Latino outreach into all parts of our campaigns, and doing so from the start. ”

The campaign will tell stories of everyday Latino Americans benefiting from the American Rescue Plan and will initially focus on Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona through a robust paid and earned media program. In the coming months, it will illustrate other upcoming policy announcements’ impacts on Latino families and will spotlight efforts to bring dignity to our immigration system.

Details on the campaign can be found at and in Spanish at


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