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Voto Latino Applauds Biden Campaign’s “Agenda for the Latino Community”

Washington, DC – Yesterday, the Biden campaign released its comprehensive Latinx policy agenda addressing everyday issues faced by Latinx people in the United States. Beyond pledging more diverse and representative appointees, the vice president’s plan thoroughly addresses specific issue areas of concern to Voto Latino and Latinx communities across the country. Biden commits to closing income gaps, investing in Latinx-owned small businesses, creating more affordable housing, and investing in Latinx homeownership. While the agenda is a good start, Voto Latino will continue to encourage Vice President Biden and his campaign to focus on the Latinx community.

One of the most consequential policies in the document is Biden’s commitment to end 287(g) agreements between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement departments across the country. 287(g) agreements force local officers into enforcing immigration policy, essentially deputizing them as pseudo-ICE agents and deeply eroding trust between communities and their police departments. There is no law enforcement advantage to these agreements and they are only used to further terrorize vulnerable and undocumented people.

“This is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful policy proposals directed at the Latinx community,” said María Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino. “I’m especially encouraged by the commitment to end state-sanctioned terror imposed by Trump’s 287(g) agreements. This is a great start to address the real wealth and health disparities that COVID-19 is exacerbating in our community, especially among Latinx youth.” 

Vice President Biden is the first candidate ever endorsed by Voto Latino. November’s election is too critical for the organization not to take this unprecedented step. The organization was in close contact with the Biden campaign in order to ensure that the vice president will protect and empower our community from the very beginning of his term in office. This new policy agenda is one in which Voto Latino provided tremendous insight. Voto Latino is pleased about the way it addresses our priorities in the Latinx community and we will work with Biden to ensure these promises translate into law once he is elected president. 


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